Decision of the immigration and passports department related to grant visa for the foreigners who come for tourism free of charge

The department of immigration & passports issued its decision no. 211/km dated 01-07-2002 including to delete the item (D) of the article fourth of decision no. 1351 dated on 15-07-1980 which is amended by decision no. 75/km dated on 23-03-1995 related to the entry of the tourist group into the country without being restricted by number even for one person and it shall be substituted by the following paragraph:

“ The foreigners coming for tourism of the unrestricted categories by virtue of the letters issued and stamped by tourism offices and companies as groups or individuals affixed with the photo of the holders or a passport for each person , provided that they shall be received by a tourism office duly licenses in the country and to depart under its guarantee ; and they will be granted the entry visas free of charge”.

Facilities rendered to the Tourists coming to
Syrian Arab Republic

I – General instruction for the tourists coming to Syrian Arab Republic :

The Arab or foreign people arriving into Syria shall have the following :

1 – A passport valid at least for one month after the end of entry visa, provided that it shall be issued by a State which is recognized by Syria and that it shall not have an Israeli visa and the name of its holder shall not be listed in the list of persons who are prevented to enter Syria.

2 – An entry or transit visa to be granted by the Syrian Embassy or consulate in the origin country of the foreigner or his residence place .
For citizens of the countries which don't have a Syrian diplomatic representation, the entry and transit visa will be given by the immigration and passports centers at borders – this is applied also to and the permanent resident foreigners provided that they shall submit their residence cards.

3 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic missions grant the diplomatic, private, comity and important exit visas . Decision no. 1351/k of 1980 – article 1 .

4 – Entry visa : is valid for three months or six months as of the date of granting ; and it is valid for one time or several times . It can be exceptionally granted for one year .

5 – Transit visa : valid for three or six months or one year . It is valid for one time or several times .

6 – The entry and transit visas can include the spouse and the minor children of the foreigner provided that their names and ages shall be written in the places designated for that . ( decision no. 1094/N) .

7 – The foreigner who wants to reside in Syrian Arab Republic for more than fifteen days as of the date of entry, shall visit the immigration and passports administration or its branches in the governorates to present an application for a residence permit .

8 – For the Arab and foreigners who were born in Syrian Arab Republic and the spouses of Syrian citizens will be granted the residence permit immediately .

9 – In case of losing or damaging the residence permit, the holder shall visit the immigration and passports department in Damascus or its branches in the governorates within three days to be granted a new card .

10 – The residence permit is not considered a work license . Those who want to practice a job in Syrian Arab Republic shall obtain a license for that from the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor .

11 – Every Arab or Foreigner who passed 15 years old and who was registered at the residence card of one of his parents shall obtain a new separate residence card similar to the cards of his parents as per the type and the remaining period and the date ; and shall pay a new fees – not withstanding that he holds his own passport .

12 – Arabs and foreigners who have special or ordinary residences shall not have the right to stay away abroad for more than six months.

13 – Arabs and foreigners who have a temporary residence and who obtain a visa of departure and coming back , shall not have the right to reside abroad for more than three months .

The Lebanese citizen shall visit the police department within six days as of the date of his entry into Syria to be granted a personal identity card to facilitate his residence and movement in Syria . ( decision no. 281/kn ) .

II – Facilities and exemptions rendered to the coming tourists :

1 – The Arab citizens are permitted to enter and pass Syrian Arab Republic without an entry or transit visa . It is enough to register them duly in the records of the comings and departing after stamping their passports or travel documents – or the entry cards of the Lebanese who enter by ID cards or civil records – by the stamp of entry or departure .

2 – The foreigners who are coming for tourism – either individuals or groups - of the unrestricted classes will be granted the visa free of charge based on letters issued by tourism offices or companies at the country they coming form which shall be stamped by those office or companies; and by virtue of the own passport for everyone and provided that they shall be received by a duly licensed tourism office in the country and they will depart under its guarantee ( decision no. 211 / km ) .

3 – All citizens of Arab, Gulf , Emirates and Sultanate countries are exempted from the entry and transit visa in the country or residence license or departure visa.

4 – The following are exempted from fees :
- Arab and foreigner students who are officially registered in one of the recognized universities .
- Men of religion .
- Arab and foreigner experts and contractors .
- The press agencies reporters and journalists .
- Employees in the Arab and foreign political and consulate departments other than diplomats .
- Parents, spouse, siblings, servants and babysitters of the political or consular member who is accredited in the country .
- Palestinian refugees and their minor children .
- The Arab and Foreigners who are considered by the director of immigration and passports to be exempted for special considerations as comity of nations or for who are not capable financially , according to decision no. 281/kn/2002 ) .

5 – To exempt the Syrian citizens who hold foreign passports from obtaining the residence permit , and to charge those who didn't register to be registered at the civil affairs records and to charge them with the departure visa when they want to leave by their foreign passports after one month of their arrival and after submitting the approval of the conscription departments for those who are in the age of conscription and by the ID card for those who has been more than 15 years old ; and to charge them to pay the departure fees similar to the Syrian citizens . They are permitted to enter by their foreign passports even if they are not stamped with the visa from the Syrian embassies abroad .They will be granted the required visa at the borders free of charge . Circulated note no. 1624 S dated 09-11-1992 .

Customs Facilities

1 – The foreigner is permitted to enter the personal items and presents without any customs fees .

2 – The persons who resides abroad permanently and who come to Syria as temporary residents to enter their cars which are duly registered at the countries of expatriation by a legal power of attorney for using and driving the tourist cars abroad the registering countries according to the following customs fees :

- for the cars enter by a temporary entering card for 15 days : Sp. 1685 equivalent to USD 40 , or the equivalent of other foreign currencies + USD 30 as an obligatory insurance for the car to be paid to Syrian Insurance company .

- The fees of the books of cars which are registered at the Arab countries are : Sp 5035 to be exchanged with USD 117 or equivalent of other accepted currencies + USD 30 as an obligatory insurance for the car to be paid to Syrian Insurance company .

- The wife or one adult family member is permitted to enter the car or to drive it in Syrian Arab Republic provided that the conditions of residence abroad are available in them .

(the letter of the general department of customs no. 1168/t/2003).

Health Conditions

1 – The travelers coming from areas which are affected by yellow fever shall submit a certificate of vaccine against this disease.

2 – The travelers who want to reside in Syria for more than one year shall submit a certificate of AIDS.

3 – The tourist who brings a domestic animal with him shall bring a health certificate for it in English language and to be certified by his country. As per cats and dogs, they shall be accompanied with rabies vaccine certificate.

Facilities rendered to Investors

1 – Rising the neighboring countries price in the bank publication nearly parallel to the foreign markets.

2 – To increase the amount to be changed of the foreign currencies which is remained with the travelers upon leaving the country and within 15 days.

3 – Te exempt the persons coming to the country from the payment of USD 100 which the bank used to receive from all coming persons.

4 – The bank is proceeding to perform the project of credit cards .

The letter of the commercial bank of Syria no. 429/40/l.b dated on 25-01-2003 .

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